Sample translations

Sample 1 – Business/Public Relations (Press release)


Business Forum to be held in Ontario in 2015


カナダ・オンタリオ州は、トロント市と米州国際経済フォーラム(International Economic Forum of the Americas:IEFA)※1との連携で、2015年にトロント市で開催されるパンアメリカン/パラパンアメリカン競技大会※2の開催期間 に、ビジネス・フォーラムを主催することを発表しました。このフォーラムによってオンタリオ州の企業が南北アメリカの経済発展の機会を利用し成長を遂げ、 雇用の創出につなげることができるように後押しします。


オンタリオ州政府は経済計画の一環として、投資の誘致や雇用の創出につながるダイナミックかつ革新的な経済環境を支えるために、州内の企業に対する注目度 を高める活動を行っています。オンタリオ州は今年10月にも、IEFAトロント・グローバル・フォーラム(Toronto Global Forum)を主催しました。このフォーラムでは世界の政府高官、中央銀行総裁、経済政策決定者など1,200名を超える参加者が、世界経済を再び成長軌 道に乗せる戦略について意見を交わしました。

Business forum to be held during the Pan/Parapan-American Games in Toronto, Ontario in 2015.

The province of Ontario in Canada has announced that a business forum will be held during the Pan/Parapan-American Games in 2015 through the joint auspices of the city of Toronto and the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA). Through the forum, Ontario businesses hope to find ways to use the economic development of North and South America as an opportunity to grow, thereby boosting employment.

VIPs of the financial world from approximately 40 countries in North and South America and the Caribbean have been invited to the forum in order to help Ontario build new international relationships, secure new export destinations and develop new markets for local businesses.

As part of its economic strategy, the Ontario provincial government actively fosters the dynamic and revolutionary economic environment needed to attract investment and create jobs in order to raise the profile of local businesses. In October 2013, it organized the IEFA Toronto Global Forum, which included over 1,200 participants, many of them high government officials, central bank governors and economic policy decision-makers from around the world. The participants met to exchange opinions about how best to get the world economy back on track.


Sample 2 – General (Cooking)

「野菜いため」 水気出さない下準備 How to make a crisp vegetable stir fry.






A vegetable stir fry is a dish that is easy to make but hard to master. Getting a crisp and tasty finish is harder than it looks. That’s why it is important to prepare each ingredient separately in advance and stir fry them all together in one go.“People tend to think they just need to cut everything and fry it up, but all vegetables have their individual peculiarities. It’s important to prepare them correctly,” says Katsuhiko Yoshida, owner and chef of the Jeeten Chinese eatery.The ingredients for the stir fry we are making today are as follows (enough for 2 people):

1/8th of a cabbage

1/4th each of a red and yellow bell pepper

50g bean sprouts

85g pork

Prepare the cabbage first. Leafy vegetables like cabbage and lettuce should be cut into pieces approximately 4-5 cm long and 1 cm wide and placed in a bowl of water before stir frying. According to Mr. Yoshida, “Doing this keeps the cabbage crunchy and helps it stay crisp even after cooking.”

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